Thursday, August 16, 2012

Install 4ext Recovery in your Android Device

How to Install 4ext recovery in Most Android Phones


So 4ext recovery is a touched Based recovery which most Android users are using
-As these recovery are touched based volume butoons dont come in use making it easier
-created by XDA recognized developer nickiberli
-easy to use and extremely fast operation
-easy to backup and restore a rom
-allows you to check MD5 sum

If you want it on your Android follow this process make sure your phone is rooted

  1. Download the Free apk file of 4ext recovery updater here
  2. Install it using you file explorer
  3. Launch it and Grant superuser permission
  4. Choose 1st option , install/upgrade
  5. it will ask confirming your phone model . if its not your phone then dont continue(seriously)
  6. choose the version you want to install and tap install
  7. it will download files and the installing process it complete
Video Tutorial
Now when you go to Recovery You can find 4ext recovery installed in your Phone
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  1. i have an android phone and i was looking for a way to install 4ext recovery in my device. looks like i have come to the right place. yahoo!! thanks for sharing amazing content like this.