Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sabsa prime - Android 4.0.4 - sense 4.1 Fully Working

Android Version: 4.0.4 (IceCream Sandwich)
Based on: One V 2.22.405.1 & Desire X 1.14.401.1
Sense Version: 4.1
Supported Devices: Desire HD / Inspire 4G

- Added Secure & Backup Folder in Sms
- Disable MMS Compresion
- Added OTA Updater
- Added GPS Tweaks
- Added Internet Speed Tweaks
- vm management Tweaks
- Added more init.d Tweaks
- Added more build.prob Tweaks
- Added sense 4+ flashlight
- Added menu on flashlight
- Added Aroma Installer Option
- Fixed HDR & ....
- Added 5x4 Appdrawer in Aroma Installer
- Added 5x5 Appdrawer in Aroma Installer
- Added SmoothScroll in Aroma Installer
- Added sms screen on in Aroma Installer
- Added JellyBean Animation in Aroma Installer
- Added Android 4.2 Keyboard in Aroma Installer
- Added Daemon Controller
- Added browser with debug menu in Aroma Installer
- Something More That I Can't Remembered

- Fixed Sim Unlock
- Add Menu on HomeScreen
- Fixed Inspire Patch
- Fixed Build.prob
- Fixed World Clock


- Rebased To Desire X 1.14.401.1 RUU & Mixed With One V 2.22.401.1 RUU
- Sense 4.1 & Android 4.0.4
- Fixed Location Issue
- Added Lower Auto Brightness To Aroma Installer Option
- Improved Battery Life
- Improved Performance
- Moved Live Wallpaper & Skins To Data/app to increase System Partition
- Beacuse of Changing The base some mods remove from aroma but will include in next version
- Added Chrome app
- Updated Hosts
- Updated Facebook to latest version
- Updated Adobe Reader to latest version
- Updated Play Store to latest version
- Something More That I Can't Remembered
- I do not allow anyone to use my files


- Added
- Fixed Location app
- Reanme To Desire HD With Beats Audio
- Fixed LockScreen Pin
- Improved Battery Life
- Improved Performance
- Add More Region & Languages
- Fixed Inspire 4G Patch
- Improved Synced Contact Picture Quality
- Something More That I Can't Remembered


- Fixed Dialer
- Fixed Weather
- Fixed Beats Audio
- Fixed Desire HD name on MNS ( maybe Fixed Play Store Issue )


- Fixed Camera ( Fully Working But Need Resize )
- Fixed Gallery
- Fixed Browser Not download files
- Added Dolby Mobile & WoW SRS & Some Equlizer Thanks To lyapota
- Back To Sense 4.0A LockScreen
- Fixed Weather
- Improved Smoothness
- Fixed Fallout Tweaks
- Fixed Volume Wake Up
- Fexid Weather Animation
- New Option In Aroma Installer
- Full Sense 4.0 Lockscreen In Aroma Installer ( Compatible With Xda Rules - Thanks To nikhilmus007 )
- Arabic / Persian Keyboard In Aroma Installer
- Update Busybox
- Update Facebook
- Update Twitter
- Update Es File Explorer
- Something More That I Can't Remembered


- Fixed Camera ( Fully Working )
- Updated Kernel To beastmod 1.5
- New ext.jar
- Gallery From One X
- Music From One X
- Added Streak Live Wallpaper
- Fixed Fallout Tweaks
- Added Sense 4 Recent Apps
- Added Sense 4 Dialer
- Added Sense 4 People
- Added Arabic/Persian Keyboard
- Fixed AutoBrightness
- Improved Smoothness
- Improved Batterylife
- Update Aroma Installer Options


- LockScrren back to sense 4A
- Camera Fixed ( Still need Flash on )         


- Removed Files That didn't have permission
- Camera Ported From One S
- Added Weather Video ( ported From Ville C2 )
- Added Sense 4 Lock screen
- Added Galaxy Live Wallpaper
- Disable Boot Sound
- New Bootanimation
- New Downanimation
- Added init.d Tweaks
- Updated Google Play Store
- Improved I/o
- New Aroma Installer Options 
- Improved Battery Life
- Improved Performance
- New Method for % Battery
- Something More That I Cant Remmembred
- Big Thanks To nitsuj17 ( he's Very kind )


- Added Full Beats Profile
- Added Full Equlizer
- Fixed Camera ( Fully Working ) Tnx To jeremyboo
- Fixed Build.prob ( Show Desire HD Now )
- Removed Google Books & Videos
- Added Options In Aroma Installer
- Aroma New Options
Support Full Languages With More Locale App
HTC Keyboard With Arrow
- Changed Google Play Store
- Fixed Facebook & Twitter
- Fixed Freindstream ( Show Facebook Account Now )
- Added Weather Video
- Activated HW acceleration on Calendar app
- Activated HW acceleration on Weather app
- Something More That I Can't Remembered


- Fixed 
- Added Facebook Engine That was missed in v2.0
- Added Twitter Engine That was missed in v2.0
- Added Cube Animation ( Like One X )
- Improved Battery Life
- Added Sense 4 World Clock


- Added Aroma Installer
- Fully Fixed Camera
- Fixed Usb Mount
- Added Inspire 4G Patches (Need To Test)
- Added 10 Skins
- Added Fallout Tweaks
- Added Advance Power Menu
- Added Extended Quick Settings
- Added Menu On Home Screen
- Added Live Wallpapers
- Fixed Mic In Phone Call
- Added HTC Note
- Removed Mirror App
- Fixed Smiles
- Updated Es File Explorer To
- Updated Google Maps To 6.10.0
- Updated Google Plus To 3.1.1
- Updated Gmail To 4.1.2
- Updated Facebook To 1.9.7
- Updated Adobe Reader
- Updated Adobe Flash Player
- Added More Widget Thats Missed In Sense 4A
- Added Sense 4 Recent Apps
- Removed Unneeded Apps
- Auto Zipalign On Boot
- Added Battery Calibration Tweaks
- Added init.d Tweaks
- Increase SD Card Speed
- Added Twitter
- Added Freindstream
- Added Sound Image From Virtous Infinity
- Rewrite Build.prob
- Something More That I Can't Remembered


- Based On Lastest Pirmo RUU 2.22.401.1 release-keys
- HTC Sense 4.0A
- BeastMode Kernel ( Thanks To Blackout Team )
- Deodexed
- Rooted
- Added Busybox
- Fully Zipalign
- Init.d Tweaks Support
- Added Build.prob Tweaks
- Fixed Wifi
- Fixed Camera ( camrecorder worked )
- Added Es File Explorer
- Added Bravia Engine

MD5: 23a688c2aef8970f8280499a32e05e8b
flash over v8.0

Download v8.0
MD5: 996edf1644e65f972ac8a497d5d7c881
 Do a FullWipe Before Installing v8.0

- Perform A Full Wipe or Install Without Full Wipe
- Choose Your Favorite Mods
- Bravia Engine
- Stock % Battery
- Inspire 4G Patch
- Keyboard With Arrow
- More Location App
- 5x4 App Drawer
- 5x5 App Drawer
- New Browser
- Smooth Scroll
- Super Charge
- Sms Screen On
- New Message App
- New Message App + Sms Screen On
- ParfieldIME
- Sense 4.0 LockScreens
- Removing Unneeded Apps
- Reboot After Installation

- HTC Desire HD
- S-Off or Unlock Bootloader
- CWM Recovery or 4EXT Recovery

- Download The Rom
-Put Rom in Your SD Card
-Do Full Wipe
- Flash The Rom


Virtous Team




  1. Best ROM ever... thank you for your fabulous work!! ;)

  2. alirez, Rom wonderful, but I found a bug, it is not possible to add new ringtones, it is not possible to add ringtones mp3 of the memory card.

    1. Why not ?, I'm still use mp3 ringtones. You can play mp3 file on Music then choose menu for set as ringtone...

    2. ...but you can do it using some file manager app or by connecting the phone to pc and copy mp3 in the right folder ;)

  3. Dear Alirez, Thanks your best ROM, with some more tweaks on build.prop (especially, pm.sleep_mode=1,and xLoud engine now I can get better battery&sound which lack this command line in your).However,the fallout tweaks still not fully working...we can not control the home screen count (3,5,7,9) and 3D animations...And the phone dailer not have some tabs like contacts, call history...ect
    But for me the ROM is still perfect.

    THANKs SO MUCH....

  4. This is the best rom!! Ive tryed many and this has no rival!! overall performance is perfect :D

  5. Thanks for your Work!! it´s the best ROM

  6. I discovered what was happening, when I applied the patch 9.0, I asked uninstall htc player, did with the new update dirty player and returned to work, grateful!

  7. Thanks for your awesome ROM! Its amazing!

  8. i'm having issues on v9 with the wifi and fallout tweaks. wifi wont turn on and fallout tweaks wont change the number of homescreens. anyone got any ideas on how to fix this. seems like i'm the only one having these issues

    1. Fallout Tweaks is not working except for the Status Bar Tweaks.
      For the wifi someone else had problems... which kind of?
      Anyway as first try to wipe again and reflash 9.0 upon 8.0 or 8.5.

  9. just wondering what is the MD5 for?

    1. MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a well-known cryptographic hash function with a 128-bit resulting hash value. MD5 is widely used in security-related applications, and is also frequently used to check the integrity of files.

  10. I check and see that there are a lot of widgets in /systems/app/ such as: Photo widget, Maps widget, Message widget,...ect however it seems that they are not available in the All widgets menu for adding to home screen, WHY ?

    1. I did not find "Photo Widget", "Maps Widget", or "Message Widget" as you say but anyway i've 18 pages of widgets where i found for example two kind of widget for "Messages" and one for "Photo Album"...

    2. Did you check in /system/app/ by root explorer ?
      you will see: HtcBackgroundDataWidget.apk, HtcAutoRatateWidgets.apk,HtcBookmarkWidget.apk,.....
      HtcPhotoWidget.apk,HtcContactsWidget.apk,HtcMsgWidget.apk...there are many widgets apk

      However, when I touch and hold the home screen to add widgets, I just see that it has only 10 pages and have not found any widget for photo, map, message,...WHY ?

  11. Is Sabsa Prime V9 the final build or still got V10 and more?~ such a great romz~

  12. Hello. Since a version 8 in a menu - personalisation is style of screen of blocking why that absent styles. Prompt me how to add them?

  13. Hello, I'm using Sabsa prime since version 6. It's a very good job. I have installed version v9 just few minute before than it disappear from XDA site. I found a bug using camera: taking photo using flash crash application with a black screen (phone shut down immediately, required remove battery and start Desire HD to fix. I tried more time and every time I take a photo with flash problem happen again in same way. I hope that situation with XDA will be solved soon and Sabsa Prime will have again his space


    1. Try to do a full wipe again and flash 9.0 over 8.0 just after first reboot.

  14. Ths a lot for this ROM,

    wich radio works nice with the V9.0 ?

  15. reopened the thread on XDA at:


  16. Honestly I am a big fan of the iOS on Apple products it may be a bit expensive but it is so much more faster and reliable but thanks nonetheless.